Art is my Force. It is my Ocean, and all subsequent activities are rivers that have carved the landscape outside of it but always connected to it.
I will paddle through the rapids and waves. When tipped over, I will swim instead allowing the water to carry me wherever it feels I should go. It may become still at times, but ever-flowing it will continue. Always growing, and Always Evolving

Eventually in everyone’s life you reach a point where your skills are at an impasse. Where you can no longer coast by on your natural abilities and talents anymore. You’ve reached the point where now you’ll have to put in the time, and the effort. The struggle for betterment and perfection can now begin. You’ve reached the point where you no longer see what your doing as easy. You see the flaws, your illusions of egoistic greatness shattered. You see others who are better then you and that natural urge inside of you arises to compete, or quit.

My name is Sarah. I was born in Perth Ontario and spent much of my life in rural small towns or out in the “boons”. I’ve always been drawn to art since I could pick up a pencil. I am a 3rd generation artist. My grandmother is an amazing painter and got me started in my figure work. My mother is also an incredible artist in her own right. She has amazing watercolour abilities but is more amply aimed at hands on crafts. So I hope to one day culminate the passions of my mother and grandmother into a collaborative body of work around hand-made and hand painted works.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice Sarah, nice. It’s all about finding what makes our soul sing, I really enjoyed how you wrote about your passion for art. Thanks for your thoughts today on the lights I’ve been seeing. I’ll look into it for sure:)

  2. Hi Sarah
    Please email me about the value of the painting that you donated to CHEO
    Also could you please put this on your web site?

    Thursday May 16th 7 to 10 pm silent art auction for CHEOvmental health

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